Sunday Special #05 – Ansai Nefahtil and Selessannea

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Every Sunday I run a Special relating to my Fantasy world of Aeyuu, which is the stage for many stories developed further through the Tales from Aeyuu Patreon. These Specials are closely tied with my novel-to-be, The Age of Silence, which is basically a story about Love, Sacrifice, and Death.

This Sunday, I’ll be delving into main protagonist Aneskia‘s race, the Syrilae. Specifically, into the life of the last born Ansai, Nefahtil.

Important terms in a nutshell
(read up on them here)

Syrilae A race of Elves with tremendous magical powers. It is cultural belief among Syrilae that they cannot exist without an Ansai serving as catalyst for the Aberviohn’s power.

Ansai A term roughly translating as ‘leader’. The Ansai is a Syrilae born to a unique legacy within the race, whose very life is tied in with the Aberviohn’s lives.

Aberviohn Glowing crystal blue trees that surround the Syrilae’s native Village, located in the Ghostlight forest. They possess a certain sentience and innate power, and are revered as guardians by the Syrilae.


Ansai Nefahtil

Born to an unknown father and to Ansai Sorasiehn, who spent the majority of her life on the Human roads, Nefahtil never learned much of her blood’s legacy. She was still a young child when her mother decided to leave the Village and left her, as is the custom for the world-wanderers, in the care of other villagers.

Nefahtil loathed her mother. She resented her for leaving, and hated her for bringing into their midst a dangerous carnivore – Sorasiehn’s Vampire friend Devon. During their brief returns to the Village, it was this Vampire who played the part of the parent to her, while Sorasiehn tended to her own affairs. He, a foreigner, even went as far as to speak in their native language, when Sorasiehn deigned not speak to her at all.

And this hatred affected Nefahtil’s abilities, which she hid from her surroundings, and suppressed as well she could. In turn, this twisted power fueled her hatred for a mother who had never shown her any sign of affection.

On the day Nefahtil felt the Ansai legacy awaken within her, she knew her mother was dead. She did not cry nor feel. All that mattered now was that the Ansai burden lay upon her shoulders. Mentally prepared as she was, emotionally she could not take the blow.

Nefahtil abruptly left the Village. She felt her place no longer among the Syrilae.

But, decades later, Nefahtil reluctantly returned. She was with child.



With Selessannea’s birth, hatred began to wane. Nefahtil promised herself, and her newborn daughter, never to be like her own mother. So she broke the millennial tradition of wandering Ansai, and stayed at the Village. She cared deeply for her daughter, who eventually became Nefahtil’s sole reason to be alive

Selessannea was all she had. Not even the Aberviohn mattered to this broken Ansai, whose deep-rooted fear of abandonment kept her, for a long time, from sharing her little bundle of joy with the Villagers. Selessannea was hers and hers alone, her daughter, her light. A living, breathing incarnation of happiness that, in time, filled Nefahtil’s heart so completely that she forgot the hatred she’d once felt. Released from Nefahtil’s overbearing care, Selessannea brightened the Village with love and happiness. Even Sorasiehn’s friend Devon, who had returned to the Village in Nefahtil’s absence to wait for her return, found back some joy in Selessannea’s presence.

And time passed, unaccounted for in a world without night or day. Selessannea grew up into a lovely, simple woman who saw only goodness in all. Her innate powers, the ability to weave illusions in the mind, had affected her own in ways Nefahtil struggled to comprehend. She knew her daughter to be naïve and easily influenced. But, she thought, as long as Selessannea remained at the Village, she could ensure her daughter’s safety.



Along with her best friend, the Vampire Devon, Selessannea took to visiting neighbouring Human towns. Unlike Nefahtil, Selessannea craved to see the world, its people, and, the more she saw how hard the Humans’ lives were, the more she sought to help them. She could do little more than assuage fears and bring some hope back into broken minds, but the Humans appreciated these efforts more than Selessannea could understand. So she strived to help, however she could. It is how, one day, she met a dark, intriguing Human she would fall in love with at first sight. To Devon’s horror

Selessannea refused to face the reality of what this man was, no matter how hard Devon explained and insisted. In desperation he brought his findings to Nefahtil herself; but even she failed to sway her daughter. And when Devon and Nefahtil argued over who was to blame for this terrible situation, still Selessannea held fast to her heart’s desire. One glance – one glance was all it had taken for her to know she had to follow this man to the ends of the world. She knew she was to save him. This was her life’s purpose.

When Nefahtil threatened to cast her out of the Village if she did not change her mind, Selessannea left. Devon, who refused to let her fall prey to this Necromancer, followed suit.

A few years later, Nefahtil felt her daughter’s presence disappear. Heartbroken, hate-filled once more, Nefahtil exiled all foreigners from the Village and outlawed foreign visitations.

In time the Syrilae population dwindled. What had been a haven of peace and tolerance became a dark, unpleasant environment. Nefahtil’s hatred cracked as she grew old and weak, but never was it extinguished. Never did she forget – never did she forgive. Her precious daughter was dead, the Ansai line to end with her, and she blamed the entire world.



But worse was yet to come. Nefahtil discovered that Selessannea had had children with her murderer, two girls, and with it, that one day the eldest of these deathspawn would  become Ansai. One day, the Aberviohn would feed on death. This, Nefahtil could not let pass. For all the hatred she harboured towards the world, she was intent on saving her people from certain ruin. So Nefahtil clung to life, until she was shriveled and old and almost no magic remained in her veins, and still she clung to life even as she felt her body collapse, and an insidious darkness creep up the roots of the Aberviohn.

At the end of hope, the exiled Syrilae Seliana brought a solution to Nefahtil’s attention. Nefahtil ultimately gave her life, and sacrificed another, so the Ansai line might be renewed.

. . .

And that is all for Nefahtil and her daughter, with more eventually to come as I keep working on Sorasiehn and Devon’s life stories 🙂

The Aberviohn, Ansai and Syrilae play an integral part in The Age of Silence. That is why, these coming Sundays, I’ll be delving into the lives of the latest Ansai.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next Special, Sorasiehn and Adelouhn, same channel 😀


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Originally posted on Blogger, on August 6, 2017
Reruns are edited/improved versions wherever possible.

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