National Holiday update because yes :D

Obviously I have a hard time keeping up with everything. Kinda wish there was a ‘wordpress’ button on Patreon to share new blogs immediately. Oh well. I’ll have to remember to do perhaps bi-monthly updates here on this site, just to cover all my bases.

What’s new with me?

There’ve been numerous snippets added to the Patreon page, I started a Sunday Special that covers the novel-to-be exclusively, been trying to do some art and worked out a new drawing method thanks to the wonderful critique of a fellow Deviantartist (link to critique pending!), and, basically:

I’ve been going forward. That critique has unlocked something in my mind. I didn’t know there were visual thinkers and verbal thinkers; beyond that, I’m also an emotional thinker. And instead of keeping every aspect of myself chained to a specific artfield, I’ve been letting everything come together no matter what I’m doing.

So I’ve been experimenting with simple shapes. Finding my own way to figure out anatomy. And, most importantly: I’ve stopped telling myself I can’t; now I’m telling myself: I can’t right now, but who knows…

And specifically today, on our National Holiday, I feel as though I’m making a huge leap forward.

For one, I’m releasing a story to the public today. I will be making a page for it before the weekend is over. This story is very important to me because it’s the first one I wrote after finding my mojo back, and remembering what it is about writing that I love.

For two, I’ve made a process video. I figured: why not.

And for now that is all. Word awaits. 😀

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