Cast in a Role

It’s been a while since I was here, I’ll admit. I’ve yet to fully complete the site.

As we say in Dutch, uitstel is geen afstel – meaning, procrastinating doesn’t mean something will be abandoned, much as it may seem like it is.

I’ve had some difficulty keeping myself focussed (mainly due to heat and allergies), and I tend to forget that I can actually cross-post. It seems silly to not think about it; frankly, I always viewed it as bothering people by re-posting something they may have already seen.

Note the ‘may‘. Yes, I finally realized that cross-posting actually also may lead people who only run into one of your sites to discover the others. I’m like,


So here we are XD I still do plan on improving the site and adding more. I’m a slowpoke, but I get things done eventually. Right this instant, the focus will be working on a story that will be available through my Patreon for June. Yes, I haven’t forgotten that I want to be read and enjoyed, so some stories (and perhaps also partial stories?) will make their way over here as well.

So keep your eyes peeled for it << and enjoy some (un)related writing:

Cast in a Role

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