A couple personal videos

Also, my hands are freezing. Which I mention cuz. I’m typing.

Anyway! So, recently, I decided to finally make an introduction video for the Patreon. It took me 19 attempts to get something decent. This is NOT easy to do.

So, today, I thought I’d try a remake. After a dozen tries, I gave up on it.

But since I had the webcam plugged in, I thought: might as well do something with it! So I tried making a little video about the world and races and I kinda sorta failed but: you get to see a lot more of who I am.

Yes, I’m aware the site is still pretty much empty. I’ll be fixing that. It’s coming. <<

And that is all for now. ^^

(do I plan to make more videos? Potentially. We’ll see how they get received. … but, well, I’ll admit I’m enjoying the whole process, as hard as it is for me. <<)

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